Originally created by fiber artist and designer Karelle Levy aka KREL or KRELwear for the world happiness summit to teach the health benefits of craft.

This installation is100% sustainable, traveling, ever-expanding, site specific interactive art installation.  Every time this piece is installed it takes on a different form. 

The Interknit - connecting individuals to the literal world wide web by uploading their own code via stitches, knots and pom-poms. The artists will teach how to get instant gratification by learning a new skill in textiles by twisting and knotting instead of swiping and scrolling on their phones.

The Interknit is organically created and morphs to fit any space using thrifted and secondhand crochet or knitted blankets, garments, and textile U.F.Os (un finished objects):

The Interknit is always growing thanks to the connection of each participant.

Karelle and Melodie The Interknit

Collaborator Melodie Blaize AKA SnipTease collaborates with the addition of thrifted afghans for the version 2.0. 


ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The Interknit helps onlookers identify the energy, time and resources it takes to create textiles. 85% of textiles of the world end up in a landfill or burned. These rescued crochet afghans took someone 100 plus hours of time to create and hundreds of yards of yarn.

SOCIAL IMPACT: These days, people connect through their devices. The need for physical interaction IRL (in real life) and hands-on activities is more necessary than ever to balance the rise in technology.

HEALTH IMPACT: Research shows that craft activities promote the development of neural pathways in the brain that maintain cognitive health. Knitting and crochet have proven to induce a relaxed state that is associated with meditation and yoga. Once novices get beyond the initial learning curve, this practice can lower the heart rate and blood pressure. 

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karelle levy
KARELLE LEVY - @krelwear

Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, BFA in Textile Design.

Karelle founded KREL Tropical Knitwear in 2004, specializing in warm weathered knitwear made from plant based yarns. She makes custom pieces and collections from yarn to garment at her flagship store in Miami Ironside. She is also known for her installations made from repurposed fabrics she produces.

Karelle is a world traveller and has taken her art with her. She has been performing quickie couture making custom clothing on the spot using her signature fabrics.

She has been teaching people yarn crafts at her “Stitch n Bitch“ community workshops.

She is the original creator of The Interknit. Her work has won awards including “No Vacancy” through Miami Beach Cultural Affairs and Best Fashion Designer in Miami New Times 2005, 2010, and 2021.

melodie blaize
MELODIE BLAIZE - @sniptease

Graduate of the University of Florida- BFA Environmental Science, Sustainability, and Natural Resource Ethics.

Her art and fashion company - SNIPTEASE is 100% driven by her passion for environmental education through the arts. She creates custom garments using mostly rescued cotton t-shirts. Cotton uses more water and pesticides to create that any crop on earth!

Melodie is a performer at heart- her art is performed on the body using only scissors. She travels to special events and music festivals as a hired scissor to custom cut peoples shirts.

In July, her 2 minute audition cutting an oversized t-shirt on Heidi Klum aired on America’s Got Talent - she was wearing roller skates.

Her time-lapse art videos and TikToks have racked up over 100 million views this